Why ‘O for Oops’? Because I wanted to do ‘otherness’ but today, that just feels too hard. I scanned my brain for other O words, but nothing jumped out at me, and then I remembered that just a few days ago I had to spend some time explaining to a friend the oddness of the ordering of my books…
And so I decided ‘oops’ was perfect for O.
You see, when I first started writing In The Spirit it was going to be included in a Christmas anthology. When that fell through, I tossed around the idea of writing a set of three novellas for Alyssa. I was going to call it ‘Witches of Kotahi Bay’ and it was going to be set alongside my main Kotahi Bay series.
Somewhere along the way that idea fell to the side. I think it was because I REALLY wanted to publish something, and I thought In The Spirit would be the perfect thing – it’s lightweight, it’s fun, it’s set in a place where I’ve written other stuff so would serve as a good kind of entry into the Bay.
And then I figured out that I could tie Alyssa into the main story line. And that her book would come a little later in the series. But I was already committed. So I went ahead and published In The Spirit anyway.
To avoid confusion, once Alyssa’s novel is released I’ll be bundling In The Spirit with it, because you can’t really read one without the other. The two stories go together. It’s kind of like #2.5 in the series, if you will. I’m glad I made this kind of mistake early on in my career, and I will be more careful in future to make sure I’ve hashed things out enough not to do the same again.