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All the books!

IMG_20150906_162125144_HDRMy second, third and fourth order of books arrived over the last week and WOW!!! They look amazing. I’m blown away. My amazing designer has completely out done herself, again!!

Now that the books are all here I can complete several important jobs that have been hanging over me for a bit. Like mailing the deposit copies to the national library, getting a few orders in the post, and last but certainly not least, sending copies down to Writer’s Plot, Readers Read. This new indie book store is opening at the beginning of October, stocking NZ authors by the droves! I’m pretty chuffed that my books will appear on their shelves 🙂

NZIBFI’m pretty much organized for the New Zealand Independent Book Festival now. Just waiting on the last bit of mail.

Leigh K Hunt and I are excitedly making plans for our weekend in Auckland, gathering bits and pieces to use in our display. It’s fun stuff! Last night I was driving home from a friends house and there was a ‘free 2 u’ sign on the side of the road, with some old school hessian covered room dividers. I could only fit half of it in my car, but it will be put to good use 😉

Anyway, that’s me for now! I’m hoping to have some other stuff to share in the very near future!


3 thoughts on “All the books!”

    1. Thanks Janna! I think I’m about as organized as I can be, considering this is my first time. There will no doubt be things I haven’t thought of – it’s all a learning curve!
      Hope you’re doing well 🙂

      1. I’m sure it’ll all work out! It’ll be my first time going too this year, I just wish I had something polished for it so I’ll just be an observer. I think it’ll be fantastic regardless of what happens.

        Thanks! Hope you’re well too! 😀

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