Yesterday was an excellent day. And this Friday I am in love with all the pretty things.
I’ve been working PhotoGrid_1461897374863really hard lately, and I’ve had in my mind that I would spend time this weekend recharging by disappearing into a book I’ve been hanging out for months to read.
The Raven King finally dropped on Wed and I instantly purchased a copy and read the first bit, just to give myself a taste of things to come. Because I had to finish an editing job, a critique, AND my novella before I was allowed to really dive in.
Well, imagine my surprise when the very next day The Raven’s Prophecy Tarot landed on my doorstep – 12 days before I was expecting it to arrive!!!
PhotoGrid_1461897841317And then yesterday afternoon I got a message to say that my long awaited prints ¬†from Jessica Shaw would be delivered that night. I got home from a meeting to find the loveliest images waiting for me. Funnily enough, these are prints from another tarot set I can’t wait to get my hands on.
So. Many. Pretties.
This is going to be a very good weekend.
P.S I am also in love with the way it feels to finish a work in progress /swoon. The first draft of Ignite is in the bag, and I’ve done the planning for my next adventure, which I will begin writing in the next few days. MMmmmmm shiny new goodness.