Well, 2019 is almost at its end, so it’s time to look back on the year that was.

Recapping the goals that I set out at the start of the year…

  1. Enjoy all there is to enjoy about my amazing writer life. – CHECK! I really did make the most of it this year, attending workshops and festivals both in NZ and Australia.
  2. Read over 100 books: Check out my challenge here – I’m WAY over 100 because of audiobooks from the library. Next year I intend to read more print though.
  3. Rewrite and knock Juniper into shape for publishing – I didn’t so much as open Juniper. Which is a bit sad. However, it’s out for feedback in January and I’m looking forward to editing it in 2020.
  4. Do some rebranding for J.C. Hart – Done!! You are here on my website, so you’ll be able to see – I had a new site design done by the lovely Andi at WebWyvern, as well as some new logos by Jacqueline Sweet, which both helped me bring together my two pennames in a more cohesive, one stop shop kinda way.
  5. Try not to think too hard about Butcherbird (I SO want to share it with everyone). – this turned out to be relatively easy for the first chunk of the year. Huia were reading it, and then I got it back, and embarked on another round of work, this time with some feedback from a structural editor. I’m JUST about to finish it off, again, and am STILL looking forward to sharing it with you. All going well, in 2020.

This list doesn’t adequately describe the year though, does it?

I achieved most of my goals, and I’m so glad I didn’t set bigger ones. I’m proud of myself for being able to look ahead and know that I had to ease off a bit, not put too much pressure on myself or my health. Even then, it hasn’t always been easy to stay on top of things.

This year also threw a series of deaths at me, which was hard. I’m learning new ways to deal with this, and life, in general, and while I hope that next year I manage to produce more obvious things (like, books published rather than worked on), I know I’m still going to be learning how best to make that happen within the confines of my energy.

I’ve got goals for 2020, and I think I’ve learned enough this year to make them happen.

I’m going to close this post by listing a few of my highlights from the year.

Releasing Sekhmet’s Desire. I love this book, I love the characters, and I can’t wait to dive back into that world in 2020.  

Moving into our new home – it’s beautiful, and it feels good, and we’ve all been healthier since the shift.

The deepening relationships with my in laws. Despite things being hard with my father in laws Motor Neurone Disease, I feel closer to them than ever, working through problems, finding solutions, and just being there when I can. Life is short, yo, make the most of it. Cherish your loved ones.

The beautiful pounamu my husband gifted me for my birthday. I reach for her daily when I need a little strength.

My friends, my family. I couldn’t do without them.

Finally, the amazing, wonderful, awesome human beings who form my writing crew. They are an odd bunch (part of why I love them), and someone is always there to nudge, support, and encourage, to cajole, to smack around with a figurative dead fish, or even a mermaid tail in some cases. Their quirky senses of humour, their unique ways of looking at the world, their wisdom and advice, just them, as people, both individually and as a group, make everything easier.

And you. I know blogs are not the thing these days, and people don’t leave comments, but I know you’re out there. I can see that people are reading and I really appreciate it.

I hope you all have an amazing festive season, and that 2020 brings you all sorts of strange and wonderful things.

Exhausted, but still here

Arohanui, e hoa ma