Taking it easy

I haven’t really blogged about writing in a few days so I figured it was time to give you all an update. I HAVE actually been writing, just quietly though and slowly, setting small goals and making sure I achieve them every day  (or at least almost achieving them! lol).

I’m working on the rewrite for a short horror story and making some decent progress. Sticking with the new outline and while I’m not loving the story just yet, I feel like I will any moment which is saying something about where I am at right now. One of the comments I got on it way back when it went through Critters a year ago was ‘You’re a good writer, but it seems to me you’re pulling your punches a little. Don’t do that’. I totally agree with the comment. I was playing safe, I wasn’t throwing myself into the story, I wasn’t bringing the horror as much as I could have and I guess I’m worried that I won’t this time around either!

There is something about horror that I guess pregnancy makes me want to avoid. When I finished the story in the first place I was pregnant, and now here I am, pregnant again and trying to rewrite it – gee, could I have chosen a worse time to pick this story in particular to work on? /shakes head and laughs at herself. Life is a funny thing.

I want to do this though, and I want to do it now. And yes, it’s a challenge but I think I’m up to it – even if it takes me the rest of the month to get it sorted. I just have to let go, and I feel like I am right there on the brink of letting go. It’s a pretty exciting place to be in.

Anyways, in other news I’m very dizzy. Not ‘blonde’ dizzy, but pregnancy dizzy. Something to do with all the extra blood flowing through my body. Blergh. And while my morning sickness disappeared a couple of weeks ago I have to make sure I keep eating at regular intervals or I start to feel a little unwell now.