It’s still SEPTEMBER, thank you very much

I’ve been burying my head in the sand for the last week, trying to pretend like it’s not October. It couldn’t possibly be. No way. It’s still September and I have all the time in the world.

People keep reminding me at every turn though. Oh your assignment is due soon, Cassie. Are you looking forward to being done with your paper? Don’t forget the deadline for that novella is coming up! Have you edited that short story for that anthology that’s closing soon?

I know, I know, but I just want to pretend for a little longer that I don’t actually have to get to work. That said, I AM working, one thing at a time, in tiny increments. Inching towards the finish line. There is a slow build of excitement in me as I think about the fact that a couple weeks from now I’ll be able to tick a few big goals of the year off my list. The weeks between don’t exist though, because I am going to keep pretending that it’s September until everything is finished.

So what are you going to do for the rest of September? Are you all looking forward to November?? I have a good feeling about that month!


And then it was mid-September!

I have been so slack here. Every time I think about sitting down to blog someone needs me. Or I have study I should be doing, or writing that needs to happen. It’s been pretty difficult to get some clear space both physically and mentally in the last few weeks. That said, I think we’re almost there. Almost. This week has been pretty rotten, but I feel like we’re moving past that now and I am hopeful that this fresh week will bring some good things.

I finished off the latest round of Burn revisions last night, and will dive back into my final round in a few days time, and I have my final essay looming for my Uni paper. It seems odd to think that in just a month I will be finished with Uni for the year. I’ve already picked next years papers (and ordered the text book!) despite the fact that enrollments aren’t open yet. I get such a kick out of being organized.

And tomorrow is the start of SpecFicNZ Blogging Week!!! For the first year ever, I am entirely unorganized! Normally I am ahead of the game and have posts lined up, but with my lack of blogging lately I have nothing in store. So this year I will be writing on the fly. Wonder what I’ll come up with?

Here’s hoping that it will kick start my blogging brain and you might see more regular posts from me afterwards 😉 Please know, I am still reading your blogs, just not writing many posts of my own.

Right, better get organized for the day. Hope you’re all having a good weekend!