Confused about Queries?

Along the path to publication, most people eventually have to write a query letter of one kind or another. Unfortunately for us, they are a totally different skill than writing a novel or story. The internet is loaded with information about what to do and what not to do, but for those of you seeking a blog that is dedicated to sharing this kind of information, there is now Query Shop.

A writer friend actually started this up to share with everyone the things she has learned while getting ready to query the novel she finished for her Masters in Creative Writing. So far there are some great posts there, why not head over and check it out?

Also, if you want to be in the draw to win a copy of Stephen King’s On Writing (Kindle version), click through to this post here.


Nothing quite like it

I’ve been submitting stories to publishers/zines/etc for awhile now, and have become an old hand at it – finding a market no longer takes me days, and putting together the emails takes far less time too. Every market is different, but I know enough about what’s expected that I no longer make rookie mistakes (and it was only ONE time that I forgot to attach the MS 😉 lol).

A lot of my submissions this year have been a case of rinse and repeat – sending out stories that have had previous rejections, trying to find the right home for them.

During October I had the pleasure of sending something new into the world. A virgin MS. Unsullied by rejection, full of hope and wonder. After putting together the email and hitting send I had the most amazing rush. I was filled with a sense of joy and of possibility – the potential that the MS held was limitless. OMG who knew? Maybe they would say yes, and wouldn’t that be exciting? It’s been awhile since I’ve felt that, and I had forgotten just how amazing it is. I think it would probably slot in just under an acceptance as my favourite part of the submission process.

I enjoy sending my stories out, but something new? That’s a ticket to a head rush. There is no negativity attached to the story, no feelings of insecurity and worry, just pure exhilaration at having hit ‘send’.

It makes me want to write more, so that I can send more virgin MS’s into the world. Sure, they won’t all get accepted, but if I don’t keep writing new stories, I can’t capture that feeling again. Now that’s a good incentive!

Back to work I go 😉